//New cigars February!

New cigars February!

Welcoming to our collection of fine cigars, we present Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Toro !
This exclusive tobacco blend is rolled in Nicaragua and has been aged for two years. The cigar features elegant notes of coffee, roasted nuts and a hint of malty sweetness.

We have added to our collection a new series of premium cigars: La Estancia Edición Exclusiva. La Estancia Edición Exclusiva comes as the crown jewel to the Selección Meerapfel, the personal blend collection of the Meerapfel family. The finest aged tobaccos have been used to craft this masterpiece; rolled only by the most experienced torcedors and finished off with an “old school pigtail head”.This is a perfectly crafted cigar with a soft start and perfect draw. Sweet and unctuous, with delicate aromas of creamy coffee, roasted hazelnut and a woody finish.

We are also happy to welcome back Don Arturo Destino al Siglo de Pasion The cigar has a strong peppery presence accompanied by notes of dark chocolate, leather, cocoa, and a slight earthiness. This very rare selection from the Fuente family will only be around for a short time and you will have to wait another 100 years to get a chance to try the next one.

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