The Oak Lounge – Tallinn

Sigaripood Teie meeltele, sigarisalong puhkamiseks ja baar Teie soovidele.

Siin ei ole televiisorit, kella ega telefonikõnesid, lihtsalt meeldivad meloodiad, jazz-muusika, vestlused tuttavate ja sõpradega, hea viski ja suurepärased sigarid igale maitsele.

Meil on valikus enam kui 150 viskit ja üle 300 erineva sigari

The Oak Lounge – naudi rahu

A Shop for your passion, a lounge for your relaxation and a bar for your indulgence.

No Television, no clocks, no calls, just sweet melodies, soft jazz, conversation and camaraderie, sipping fine whisky and drawing on excellent cigars.

We have a ever growing variety of more than 150 whiskeys and 300 cigars.

The Oak Lounge, be at peace.

Uudised & Üritused / News & Events

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Pood / Shop

The Oak Lounge Shop consists of two walk in humidors along with a selection of humidors and smokers accessories and a large selection of Whiskies, Port Wines, Rums and specialty Spirits.

We offer customised selections, gift packing and the possibility to age your cigars in our private humidified lockers.
For discerning clients we carry a special selection of aged Whiskies and Cigars and also continuously source for the same..
Should you have any special requests or suggestions, we are always happy to source the products through our vast network.
Due to the nature of the products we carry, sometimes we are out of stock or run out of them, so we always request that when we have the Specialty products, to reserve at the soon as they are made available.

Kontaktid / Contact us

The Oak Lounge - Tallinn

Dunkri str 2, Tallinn 10123, Estonia

Phone: +372 644 5647, +372 5663 2662
E-mail: tallinn@theoaklounge.com

Pühapäev: 14:00 - 23:00
Esmaspäev - Laupäev: 14:00 - 00:00

Sunday: 2pm - 11pm
Monday - Saturday 2pm - 12am

23.06.24: CLOSED
24.06.24: 18:00 - 00:00 / 6pm - 12am